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Cleaner Streams, Abundant Food, Efficient Farms

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Cleaner Streams, Abundant Food, Efficient Farms

Feb. 22 update

Sometimes despite careful cultivation, harvests come in with less than a "bumper" crop.  

However, we are always grateful for the opportunity to grow things, and I am tremendously grateful to everyone who gave, shared, or sent good thoughts toward my project on Tiger Giving Day yesterday. Although we did not raise enough money yesterday to purchase all of the supplies needed for the research I want to do, I am not giving up.

I still think that this form of precision irrigation can work in our region, and I think it will be a big "win" for farmers, consumers, and regional waterways! I am determined to find a way to make this research a reality for the benefit of all involved. If you’d like to learn more about this work, please visit my website.

With much gratitude,

Dr. Brenda Ortiz



Farmers use  large-scale irrigation equipment to water their crops when Mother Nature isn’t quite getting the job done. This equipment waters acres of cropland, but sometimes some spots get too much water. When that happens, water can carry nutrients away from the plants, impacting neighboring streams, creeks, and ponds.

Can we conserve natural resources while also having abundant crops? Dr. Brenda Ortiz thinks we can, and you can help her. 

Dr. Ortiz is working to make irrigation more precise through a process called variable rate irrigation. This gets the right amount of water to each plant at the right time to prevent waste, minimize nutrient runoff, and maximize crop yields.

If you’ve ever walked across a farm field – or even your own yard – you’ve probably noticed that the land isn’t precisely flat. And when you water your yard, you’ve also probably noticed that some spots need more water than others. Elevation, soil type, and a host of other factors create the same issues in farm fields. Dr. Ortiz is working to put today’s technology to work so that only the parts of the field that will benefit from water will receive water.

Here’s where you come in – we are raising money for the equipment necessary to prove this model works on a smaller scale. Once we do that more farmers – in Alabama and across the country – should be able to benefit. Your donation can help make our great Alabama farms even better while keeping our streams and rivers healthy for anyone who wants to enjoy them.

Thanks in advance for all your support, and please be sure to share our project with friends and family.

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